Terms & Conditions

Warranty Policy: Rapid Technologies designates warranties for the products that it sells in one of two ways. If the product has an OEM warranty it is passed through to the customer. In this case we will provide an in-house exchange when possible for the first 90 days, otherwise product must be returned to the OEM for warranty service. When products are sold by Rapid Technologies, LLC that do not have an OEM warranty we may provide a warranty ourselves. In this case our warranty will guarantee that the product will operate within specification for the warranty period only. Our standard warranty is 90 days. No other guarantee is provided with respect to its operation, usage, compatibility or Y2K compliance. The liability limit of any product under dispute with Rapid Technologies, LLC shall never exceed the purchase price of that product. If returned products can not be repaired or exchanged a credit for the original purchase price will be generated. Credits must be used within 1 year from the date it was issued.

Return Policy: Rapid Technologies will accept good product returned to us within 30 days of purchase for any reason. A credit for the purchase price of the product minus a 25% restocking fee will be issued.

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