About Us

Rapid Technologies was founded February 1996 in Portland Oregon USA. We specialize in providing obsolete hard to find computer storage peripherals and IT parts for the in-house maintainer, third party maintainer, and data recovery market place. We are a stocking distributor with a primary focus on providing quality recertified hard disk drives and IT parts used in desktops, laptops, printers and other applications. We sell both new and recertified products with the ability to drop ship and provide custom logistics support.

Based on the three R's of waste management (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle) we believe we offer a better solution to the environment and waste management by re-using older products without going through the expense and potential dangers of recycling them to their base metals. Re-using components to repair older systems keeps them in circulation longer before they need recycling also.

We test all components to make sure they function properly. Products are burned-in to screen out heat related problems. Noise levels are checked using sound pressure meters. Our rigorous quality control process which includes cosmetic inspection assures clients that our recertified products consistently work as expected.

The privacy of sensitive information is a major concern for the original owners of data storage devices. A firm's business information or an individual’s financial information could cause serious problems or irreparable harm should it fall into the wrong hands. At Rapid Technologies we use the NIST 800-88 guidelines for clearing and sanitizing this information from all magnetic media drives.

If a component can not be re-certified then it is sent to a recycling facility where it is physically destroyed to recover its base metals. With the cost per pound of recycling computer systems increasing, we can help reduce these costs by reducing the weight of these systems when the storage components are removed.

We are always looking for opportunities; if you have excess computer and IT related products available for sale please contact us with the details.